Home Elevations

A Guide to NBHA Elevation Architectural Review Applications

Once you have been approved for an elevation grant: 

  1. Elevations are a 2 step process. There is the lifting and then the finishing.
  2. It is important to discuss your plans with the Nassau Bay Homes Association in order to be sure that your plans meet the NBHA Deed Restrictions and the Nassau Bay Homes Association Elevation Guidelines.
  3. Our knowledgeable team can help guide your plans so that there are no surprises along the way.
  4. If you are not ready to submit and ARA but you have questions and want our team to contact you, submit a contact request here.

If you have already signed with an elevation company and have your plans in place:

It’s important to submit an Architectural Review Application (ARA)

  1. Review and gather all of the documents you will need for the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to review your application.
  2. You may want to contact our office team to help with the process and answer questions. See more contact options at the bottom of this page.
  3. Submit an application online.
  4. Pay your processing fee. Once your application has been submitted, the NBHA office will invoice you via PayHOA. Check your email for your fee invoice.
  5. You will receive an email response indicating that your application has been received and is under initial review. Our office team will confirm all necessary documents have been received. If any items are missing, our team will be in touch to get a complete application ready for processing.
  6. Once all documents have been received, our Architectural Control Committee (ACC) will review your documents for compliance with the NBHA Deed Restrictions and the NBHA Elevation Guidelines

What happens next?

If your ARA is in compliance with deed restrictions and guidelines, a formal written approval will be sent to the Homeowner.

If modifications or additional documentation are required, our office team will be in communication to let you know what we need. We will work with you to get your ARA in compliance in order to get you approved.

Once your project is approved, our team will check in periodically to ensure your project is on track. If any changes need to be made to your project or timeline, please contact our office right away so we can review changes and grant approval for an update.

Helpful Contact options

You can contact our office team anytime for questions or assistance.

Office Phone: 281-333-2570

Office Email: NassauBayHomesAssociation@gmail.com

Contact Form: Elevation Contact Form

Important Documents
  1. Link to Deed Restrictions: https://nassaubayhomesassociation.org/legal-documents/deed-restrictions/
  2. Elevation Guidelines: https://nassaubayhomesassociation.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/NBHA-Elevation-Guidelines.pdf
  3. Elevation Architectural Review Application: https://nassaubayhomesassociation.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Elevation-Architectural-Review-Application-Detailed-_2_14_23.pdf
  4. Link to ARA Fee Schedule. https://nassaubayhomesassociation.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/ACC-Fee-Schedule.pdf
  5. Link to City Permitting: https://www.nassaubay.com/171/Permitting-Procedure https://www.nassaubay.com/DocumentCenter/View/2610/PERMIT-APP_May-2020?bidId=