Notice of Proposed Amendments Mailout

We are excited to announce the proposed amendments to the Nassau Bay Homes Association Deed Restrictions and official ballot have been mailed out to all Nassau Bay Homes Association members. The two amendments you will be voting on are increasing the annual maintenance charge to a cap of $0.03 per square foot of lot area and prohibiting short-term, transient or vacation rentals and requiring lease or rental terms to be a minimum of 31 consecutive days. 

Please be informed that with the annual maintenance charge increase amendment, a clause has been added to the amendment that requires incremental increases over the next four years. Please refer to the wording below.

The  property herein conveyed is hereby subjected to an annual maintenance charge at a rate not to exceed $0.03 per square foot of lot area. Such annual maintenance charge may be adjusted by NASSAU BAY HOMES ASSOCIATION, INC., from year to year, as the needs of the property and the subdivision require, in their judgment, and to meet the annual requirements; but in no event shall the charge be set to exceed $0.015 per square foot of lot area in the first year the amendment becomes effective (fiscal year 2024), $0.02 per square foot of lot area in the second year (fiscal year 2025), $0.025 per square foot of lot area in the third year (fiscal year 2026), and $0.03 per square foot of lot area in the fourth year (fiscal year 2027). After fiscal year 2027, the board may adjust such annual maintenance charge as the needs of the property and the subdivision require, in their judgment, and to meet the annual requirements; but in no event shall such charge exceed $0.03 per square foot of lot area. 

Over the past couple of years we have spent a considerable amount of time discussing ways to improve the beautiful community we all enjoy. We believe both proposed amendments will allow the homes association to continue successful operations and plan for the future.

We hope you will take the time to carefully read and consider each proposed amendment and cast your vote. Please choose one of the following options to return your ballot:

The ballot will be open ended and a notice will be sent out 20 days in advance before ballots are due.

Please be informed ballots that are not signed, addressed and dated are not valid. Only one ballot submission per household. If you have any questions about the amendments or would like further information please feel free to contact our office at 281-333-2570. If you do not receive a mailout within the next week please contact the office and they will get you one.

NBHA Pool Passes Now Available 


Pool passes are now available at the Nassau Bay Homes Association office. There is a $30 per property address administrative fee to obtain passes and you must also be current on your annual assessment. The pool will open Memorial Day Weekend with lifeguards and is closed on Mondays for cleaning.

Pool passes and annual assessments can be paid through your PayHOA account, by check, Venmo or Zelle (use for both Venmo and Zelle. The confirmation code for Venmo is 8999).

To receive a pass fill out the Google form below and our office will contact you shortly.

All members must also fill out a current 2023 indemnification form (please see below).

If you have any questions please contact the NBHA office and we will be glad to assist.

NBHA Notice of Uncontested Election

Please be informed that the Nassau Bay Homes Association will not be holding their annual election due to the positions being uncontested. 

We would like to thank Megan Montalvo, Juan Guerrero and Carl Blomgren for their commitment to running for our HOA board. 

We would also like to thank our election volunteers. While their help will not be needed this year, we appreciate them volunteering their time to ensure that NBHA runs smoothly. 

We would like to invite you all to our annual meeting on May 18th, 2023, at 6 pm in the cafe’ conference room at 1322 Space Park Drive, where the new board will be officially announced.