Architectural Control

NBHA Architectural Control

The purpose of architectural control is to help maintain property values.

  • Your ARA approval is based on community guidelines, by laws, and deed restrictions.
  • The evaluation process addresses architectural harmony, color, location, minimum construction standards and use restrictions.
  • No work on this request shall commence until it has been approved by the Architectural Control Committee
  • Standard ARA Procedures and Home Elevation Procedures see below:

How to submit an ARA

Please note the Nassau Bay Homeowners Association Architectural Committee collects a fee associated with the processing of ARAs following approval of application as of September 27, 2021 for processing of ARAs, and meets on Monday afternoons to review new ARAs.

If an expedited response if requested, the additional fee must be submitted with the request for expedited review.

Your ARA will start processing once payment is remitted.

Step 1.) Download the [ARA Form] (

Step 2.) Prepare your documents. The ARA form lists the documents you will need depending on your project. Permits will be needed for approval when required by the city.

Step 3.) Follow this link to the ARA Submit Form.

Step 4.) In order to process your ARA, you will need to pay the associated fee. Use the Make a Payment menu to pay online.

For more info see below:

For exterior improvements and alterations:

Any changes to the property must have an approved ARA, including:

  • fences,
  • driveways, or
  • new buildings/sheds
  • windows
  • Painting of the exterior. Acceptable paint and trim colors can be found here
  • Replacing Siding and Trim
  • Elevations
  • Exterior Lights

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure the ARA is filed, approved, and adhered to.

The following items are essential to assure a timely processing of the ARA.

Before filing an ARA please review the Deed Restrictions for your property section.

Finding your section:

1. go to and use the quick property search function. 2. Enter your address and then select the property. 3. Legal Description will list the section :

  1. Completed NBHA architectural review application. (ARA Form)

A. House painting – attach 1 copy of each paint color (HOA selection link) include both base paint and trim paint choice, indicating placement of color

B. Roofing materials—include manufacturer provided picture or pamphlet depicting the color, size, and type of shingle.

C. Fences- Addition or Replacement of fence, addition of structure or outbuilding (patio cover, storage building, greenhouse, fort/jungle gym, etc—

1. submit a copy of property’s original survey with proposed construction plans overlaid to show location. Survey must include all building lines, and utility easements.

2. submit photo or description of materials being used

D. Room addition/New build

1. Submit a copy of property’s original survey with proposed construction plans overlaid, showing elevation, side view, windows, doors, slope of roof, etc. Survey must include all building lines, and utility easements.

2. All construction materials must be submitted.

E. Pool requirements

1. Submit a copy of original survey with location and size of pool overlaid.

F. Elevations

  1. Submit ARA application and supporting documents.
  2. Read the Nassau Bay Homes Association Home Elevation Guidelines.
  3. The ACC fee schedule is $100 and payment must be made before your ARA will start processing.

For Links to the City of Nassau Bay’s permitting procedures please click below: For further information on types of projects that require a permit, please contact the City of Nassau Bay.