NBHA’s New Year 2022 First Meeting

The NBHA’s New Year 2022 first meeting of the year was an example of the dedication and comradery it exudes. The January meeting  was receiving a little push back due to a spike in the latest Covid variant, as well as various work schedules, family priorities, and extreme weather. But, we are determined to conduct business to keep our community moving forward.  We want to continue to grow and the only way is to keep working. 

Despite all adversity, we had attendance with a smile and a heart for progress. We’re sending out “we sincerely missed you” to all those not able to be with us.

Other than our monthly meetings, our various committees are continuously working behind the scenes with regularly scheduled meetings of their own. In fact, our monthly meetings are centered around the progress of each committee. The Architectural  Control Committee is one of our most engaging groups due to the steady flow of architectural applications being submitted.

Over the next several months, you’ll get to see the progress that the other hardworking and dedicated committees have been volunteering their time towards. Stay tuned.

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